Mike Stoane Lighting is not a member of the Zhaga Consortium, though we commend their work and generally welcome standardization across the LED lighting industry. By working collaboratively with many different manufacturers of LEDS, PCBs, control gear, optics etc. who are members, and where possible by referencing Zhaga's specifications we tend to make luminaires that are largely Zhaga compatible. Often however, in response to the very specific requirements of our customers we need the flexibility and freedom of operating out with the consortium's recommendations.

MSL are strong advocates of "repair, reuse, adapt" and wherever possible aim to develop products that last, are serviceable and/or upgradable long into the future. We are always open to reconfiguring our existing products or to come up with entirely custom solutions (hence the need for design flexibility). To find out more about our products and what the renewing/upgrading options are please contact one of the team on sales@mikestoanelighting.com.