Site conditions and poor quality mains voltage


Site conditions, static and poor quality mains voltage

LED equipment is more susceptible to static and overvoltage damage than previous lighting technology, we take every precaution here to ensure that during assembly and testing the components and products are appropriately handled and that anti-static procedures are followed. We also monitor our own mains supply periodically to ensure that it is within acceptable limits. When our fittings arrive on site these things are no longer within our control so we advise that before handling or connection to the mains supply to ensure that all MSL products are protected from static discharge and that the mains supply is to regulation. (230V +10 -6%). Monitoring of the supply voltage may be advisable in areas where there is any doubt as to its stability/quality. MSL use Fluke voltage quality monitoring equipment (Fluke VR1710) for analysis and can make this equipment available to contractors on loan before installation takes place. This simply needs to be plugged in on site for around 10 days, unplugged and sent back to us so that we can download the data and send you the reports. In some cases, particularly where the supply has been found to be of poorer quality, MSL will recommend the installation of surge protection devices to protect the lighting equipment, these can be purchased through us and delivered with the fittings or we can point you to a suitable product to purchase independently (we recommend the Meanwell SPD-20 Surge Protection device). It is also worth noting that during the construction phase of a project due to site equipment the chances of transients and out of spec voltages are increased, consideration should be given to the most appropriate time for installation and commissioning of lighting installations.