ErP Regulations

What is ErP?

The Directive 2009/125/EC for the Eco design requirements of Energy Related Products (ErP) provides a framework for establishing minimum eco design requirements for energy using and energy related products.

Regulation 1194/2012 covers directional lamps, LED lamps and related equipment. Regulation 245/2009 covers luminaires containing fluorescent lamps. These measures set out requirements for lamps, ballasts and luminaires. In some cases minimum performance standards have been set along with the requirement for manufacturers to provide product information which is accessible via the internet.

How are MSL complying?

Lamps, LED modules and Ballasts:

Regulation 1194/2012 sets out performance criteria for lamps, LED modules and ballasts. We do not manufacture these products ourselves; however we do sell these within our luminaires. We will only supply lamps, modules and ballasts that meet the performance criteria. If ErP information is required about the lamps, modules and ballasts we use, we would encourage our specifiers, customers or the eventual end users of our products to contact us, so we can help with this.

Luminaires - Eco-Design and Energy Efficiency Requirements:

There are no Eco-design regulations relating specifically to luminaire efficiency and there are no specific energy efficiency requirements for luminaires as a whole.

Luminaires - installation, maintenance and disposal:

In accordance with regulations manufacturers must provide product information for installation, maintenance and disposal. All Mike Stoane Lighting products have their own installation instructions; these are sent out both in the box and emailed to the purchaser on despatch.

Luminaires; labelling:

Regulations 1194/2012, 874/2012 and 244/2009 also require manufacturers to provide energy labels, pertaining to the type of lamps included in the luminaires on their packaging where their luminaires are intended to be placed on the market through a point of sale. At Mike Stoane Lighting ours is a business to business supply and as such our fittings are not packaged for an end user or for retail, so we do not currently have a responsibility under these regulations.