The WEEE Directive came into force on the 1st July 2007 and placed obligations upon users and producers regarding electronic and electrical waste. This waste can no longer be placed in landfill as targets have been set by the European Parliament for Member States to recover certain percentages of their waste via recycling facilities.

Producers, like Mike Stoane Lighting, are required to join a Producer Compliance Scheme. The PCS undertakes producer obligations to finance the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE).

Mike Stoane Lighting have chosen to join Lumicom, a lighting industry specific PCS and a not for profit organisation. Their knowledge of the Lighting Industry and of lighting equipment allows them to provide the best possible service to us and to our customers. Under the Lumicom scheme, any luminaires being removed that are being replaced by luminaires from a Lumicom member can be disposed of using the Lumicom disposal infrastructure free of charge. Even if the luminaires are not being replaced, or if there is no proof of replacement at the time of disposal, Lumicom can still help, via its website, but at the disposer's expense.

MSL WEEE registration number WEE/CE0073UQ
MSL WEEE Compliance Scheme Lumicom
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