Type J
Type J modules, or PRO-MR16 and PRO-MR16-XPG units to give them their Sunday name, should be considered as 'lamps' as opposed to LED arrays because they are supplied to us as sealed units with the optic element already incorporated. Due to their size (50mm diameter at the front) and beam angle options (12, 24, 38, and 54 degrees) they could be thought of as MR16 replacements.

There are two versions available; 350mA (PRO-MR16) and 700mA (PRO-MR16-XPG). They are both based around 7 Cree XPE (350mA) or XPG (700mA) LED arrays, but the pin-block heatsink diameter is larger on the 700mA version, it's so large in fact that - if used as an MR16 replacement - it cannot be used in 'front-loading' applications.