Lenses and louvers

The following lenses and louvers are available to fit products with Ø50, Ø70 or Ø110 lamp tubes; this covers the majority of our standard fittings. To specify


Lens type Order code Lens effect
Diffuser Lens Diffuser.Ø To widen the beam
Pattern Pyrex / stipple Lens Stipple.Ø To remove minor black spots and edge feathering

Spread Lens (thick) / German Spread

German Spread.Ø

To produce sharp elliptical beams
Spread Lens (thin) / UK Spread UK Spread.Ø To produce soft elliptical beams
Honeycomb Louver HCL.Ø To reduce glare
Wire Mesh Mesh.Ø To reduce light output
Dichroic Colour Lens Dichroic.colour.Ø Colour lens