STX2 Family

Introducing STX2; the surface mount versions of our new TTX2 track range.

The STX2.70 offers an output of up to 2160lm using the 19mm LES XTM module in Standard Series and 1400lm using the same module in Artist Series. This is quite a jump from its predecessor, where only 1420lm was achievable in Standard Series and 930lm in Artist Series.

The STX2.50 is the Ø50mm version. It may be small, however don't underestimate it. It still offers a punchy output at 1300lm in >80CRI. The STX2.50 is designed to specifically accommodate the 9mm LES XTM module giving a tidy beam of 17.9º.

Alternatively, both fittings can also use the new 9mm LES and 19mm LES XIM intelligent module from Xicato, allowing smooth dimming, reporting capability and DALI control.

Both products are also available in an integral version.

Posted: 23/10/2015