Xicato XTM

LES, Light Emitting Surface, has been around the 19 or 20mm mark since Xicato brought out the XSM module a few years ago. This has proved a challenge for the optical designers in the industry to produce reflectors and optics that aren't the size of dustbin lids in order to produce tight beams. Our Track Type XXX Fatty with Ø134mm reflector was invented to achieve beams as tight as 10°, as well as higher flux due to the more capable heatsink.

With the launch of the new 9mm LES modules in the Xicato XTM platform, soon to be joined by XIM, this has marked a significant step forward. With a smaller LES, optical designs can be produced to achieve tighter beams more easily. Our recently launched TTX2.70 track fitting can both have beams as tight as 11º from a Ø70mm optic. STX2.70, the surface mount version, will be out soon and will also benefit from the same 11º beam.

As always, there is a trade-off; by reducing the LES, the output is also reduced when compared to the 19mm LES. Take our TTX2.70 track fitting using 19mm LES output in Standard Series for example; the output is up to 2700lm and with 9mm LES, you can achieve up to a respectable 1400lm. Putting that into context; just one year ago, our Track Type X with XSM 19mm LES Standard Series could reach just 1420lm.

As we develop new dedicated Xicato based light fittings, the aim will be to accommodate both 19mm and 9mm LES XTM and XIM. We have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline as well as a new generation Podgy or Fatty with large diameter optics which ought to give us beams tighter than 10º. It would be nice to do high output very tight beams again; we know some of you miss the 4º AR111!

What about all the existing Xicato fittings like Mole Type X and Toad Type X? All have been given an update to work with XTM in 19mm LES. Whilst 9mm LES may be trickier, it won't be impossible. Please ask us what can be done and we will investigate for you.

Posted: 15/10/2015