ParkLight 2015

#ParkLight this year saw an even wider selection of the weird and the wonderful. Thank you to all contributors, it was a fantastic display of wit, wisdom, technical capability and commitment to the cause.

Thank you to our collaborators (Mode, Ledlinear, Xicato, eldoLED and Holders Components) too for helping to fill the boxes with useful kit and inspiration.

It was an amusing, inspiring and in some cases, slightly alarming insight into the mind of a lighting designer. The standard was high and the range wide. It was impossible to do justice on the night to all the effort that had gone in, so here is a roundup of the incredible creations to browse at your leisure.

#1 Alice's Nonsense - Alessandra Bertolini, Sutton Vane Associates

Winner in "Wittiest" category

Beautifully executed, this piece works on many levels. Just how did she manage to make the tea look brown?

#2 Colourmotion - Farhad Rahim, Chapman BDSP

Winner in "Most Technically Refined" category

3rd place in "People's Choice" category

Crisply made and very well considered, this submission got better the more you played with it. Simple rolling colour changes transformed carefully compiled images as it ran through the spectrum. Fascinating and enchanting; anyone who stopped stayed for 5 minutes.

#3 Cyber Fruit - Alexia Gkika, Elektra

Enter the Garden of Eden. Reach for a juicy red apple. NO! Don't! A PIR spots you and highlights it a startling red. Just imagine if Adam and Eve had had LEDs; things might be very different.

#4 Gotham City - Gavin, Mike Stoane Lighting

Made by a 6 year old with adult supervision or an adult with a 6 year old supervision? We're not quite sure.

#5 Lack - Douglas, Mike Stoane Lighting

Clean, simple, solid; old school MSL by its newest arrival. We think Douglas is a keeper.

#6 Lucifer's Gantry - Graeme, Mike Stoane Lighting

RGB colour mixer without the need of electrickery. Imagine the environmental benefits if this catches on.

#7 Somewhere over the Rainbow - Rolf Knudsen, Studio Roso

We didn't look inside the box so concluded Rolf did this with magic. Chris spent all night poking holes in the wall looking for gold, to no avail. There is a suggestion for next year, Rolf.

#8 Eat Jelly, Rave, Repeat - Graham Rollins, LDI

Grollins left this in the kitchen for 5 minutes unsupervised and look what happens! Genius, mad genius.

#9 Saturn's Ring - Graham and Ingo, GNI Projects

If you could still see it, you weren't really there. Seriously, all retinal damage aside, all BS codes and HSE requirements were rigorously adhered to (apart from when it caused the restaurant to be evacuated).

#10 Reflector Lamp - Rolf Knudsen, Studio Roso

Simple, light hearted, elegant and efficient. Holders Components watch out. We bet they come knocking.

#11 Pour Some Light on Here - Wee Marty, Mike Stoane Lighting

Unfortunately died in transit from MSL HQ (the device, not Marty. He's fine).

#12 Light Spike - Mike Harrison, White Wing

Very efficient and effective light pipe diffuser. Innovative use of tech from another industry. Let's make a note of that. Now, where did my laptop go…?

#13 Slow Burn - Mike Harrison, White Wing

Sublime use of cool LEDs. The dancing blue flame, one of the safest exhibits ironically (not so next year I am assured).

#14 Texture Lights - Mike Harrison, White Wing

Not many people possess the skill and patience to construct a micro array of individually addressable LEDs that mimic a delicate movement whilst not moving at all. We suspect Mike also built a shrink ray-gun prior to this.

#15 Arc Reactor - Sabby, Penny, Josh, Henry, LAPD

Runner up"People's Choice" category

Selfishly LAPD left Los Angeles descending into riots while they borrowed Tony Stark's reactor for the night and brought it to Hackney.
Flawless. It even powered up in 3 stages!

#16A Vintage Camera - Iain Ruxton, Speirs + Major

Winner in "Most Dangerous" category

Twisted. This reverse camera projects light. In fact, so damn effective it was; that there is a Xicato shaped scar on the ceiling still. Similarly there is a camera shaped scar on anyone foolish enough to touch it!

#16B Reverse Projector - Benz Roos, Speirs + Major

There's nothing Mickey Mouse about this creation. Next year we are told Benz and Iain will team up together. The mind boggles.

#17 Le Scoot - Jono Kenyon, Studio ZNA

Looks like someone took this scooter on a joy ride before burning it out. By pure chance the flames seem to be projecting the culprit's name.

#18 Rise and Shine - Joe Vose, Light Brueau

Winner in "People's Choice" category

A fantastically slick modern interpretation of a salt water rheostat. Fully working and considerately hooked up to a 1-10V line, not the traditional 240V! It even brews the coffee as it gets warm.

#19 Interactive Hipster - Alex and Mircea, Light Perceptions

Speaking of coffee, just what has Bruce been putting in his staff room? If only every project behaved as well and dimmed as smoothly on the first attempt as this chap did.

#20 Eggcellent - Inessa Demidova, GIA Equation

It's true what they say: "You can't make a beautiful light fitting without breaking a few eggs".

#21 Jas & Jo LED - Tommaso and Ingo, DPA Lighting

A diamond is a girls' best friend, until the battery runs out.

#22 Fossil Foil - Alvin, Fai, Javi, Alicia, Seam Design

This, "here they are, where did they go?" curiosity got better the more you played with it. We don't know why, it just did. Oh, and the label was hilarious too!

#23 Turn Me On - Gavrill Papadiotis, LDI

Shuji Nakamura invented the blue LED and from then Papadiotis' box was open.

#24 Kaleido-Xicato-Scope - Alex Bittiner, LDI

Cloud-o-scope. Hours of fun focusing this the night before opening.

Posted: 02/07/2014