Dual Dim Track X

Please welcome our first Dual Dim Track X.

Track X has evolved a fair bit since its introduction in 2010, with all sorts of variants appearing to meet customers specific needs. This has often been to do with adapting the fitting to perform with a particular dimming protocol or to accommodate different accessories and applications.

Up until very recently Track X has not been able to offer a dual dim feature of the kind that was popular with our Halogen track fittings; however, working with EldoLED, we have found a way to make it possible. Dual dim allows local trimming or capping of the output beyond which the remote dimming system cannot not pass. It is particularly useful for museum and gallery applications where exposure limits for sensitive exhibits can be set during focusing with a dial on the fitting, so any remote dimming or adjustment of the remote/building dimming controls will not go beyond those levels.

We can offer 0-10V and DALI dimmable Track X fittings with local trimming, all benefiting from the excellent dimming performance we have come to expect from EldoLED.

Posted: 03/03/2015