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Locking or friction set focussing?

Historically all our fittings had to be lockable so that focusing wasn't tampered with during lamp changes. We developed very strong locks that could be tightened up with an allen key. As our products developed and became predominantly LED based we kept these locking features, the theory being that whilst lamp changes no longer were required dusting and cleaning of the fittings still would be and it was just as likely to upset focusing.

We are now seeing a move towards a means of adjustment that is quick, tool-less and that you might be able to do with only one hand. We understand that for environments where objects and displays are often being moved this may be a more attractive option. We have supplemented our locking feature with the addition of a friction set option, this is currently available on Track X, Surf X and LVX but could be applied to other fittings too. Let us know if you are interested and we will let you know if we can incorporate it into your specification.

Posted: 15/10/2014