Rod systems with Soraa lamps

You can't get much more MSL than the simple rod system for MR16 lamps that Mike developed in his lock up, almost twenty years ago. For this one pictured, our Gyro heads are fitted with Soraa lamps. We have spent plenty of time playing with Soraa products over the last twelve months. Graeme especially has spent hours working out the best possible combinations of transformers and dimmers to give the smoothest dimming performance. We have had to accept that no 12V MR16 LED replacement lamp is perfect in this regard, but even so we are pretty pleased with the results.

Soraa have a huge range of lamps and we won't be able to stock them all, so so far we have been concentrating on two:

VIVID 2 2700K 10-12W CRI 95, 10º
VIVID 2 3000K 10-12W CRI 95, 10º

These can then be adjusted using the beam shifter lenses to give a 25º, 36º, 60º or 10x25º beam.

Posted: 14/08/2014