Thanks to everyone who took part in #makesomelights and submitted their creations at Park Event last Friday. We were completely overwhelmed by your efforts and so was the tent we had provided, which was nowhere near big enough!

Scroll down to take a look at all the entries, number order is order of arrival at the park and the numbers that were used for voting.

#1 Filament LED Lamp - KSLD
#2 Copper Snorket - KSLD (Kevan)
#3 Trio - KSLD (Claire)

#4 Mini Disco - Rob Jones Lighting Design

Winner in "most technically refined" category

#6 Box of Curious - Studio Dekka
#7 Tripod - SOCA (Gabby Shawcross)

#8 Elbram - Cinimod Studio

Overall winner from peer review voting.

#9 Death by Candle - Cinimod Studio

Winner in "most dangerous" category

#10 The Box - DHA
#11 Kaleidoscope - Ellie, Studio EG and Reena, Light Dot.
#12 NeckLED - DPA

#13 Morse Code - Jason Bruges Studio

Winner in "most comprehensive use of components" category

Runner up in peer review voting

#14 Roger the Unicorn - BDP

Winner "Roger's Choice" Xicato sponsored prize

#15 Ever Changing Bedside Table - ChapmanBDSP
#16 Wellies - LAPD (Penny Tulla)
#17 Light Time - Arup (Ray Pang)

#18 The Fruit Show - SaMa

Winner in "wittiest" category

Runner up in peer review voting.

#19 Don't put all your eggs in one basket - LDi


Posted: 03/07/2014