Laser Rings


Lasers aren't exactly news but for us they became a new toy for 2013. It started in the spring when GNI Projects approached us to help them build their incredible 3D Light sculpture for One Beam of Light at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts in April.

Then, prompted by Bruce Kirk (Light Perceptions) Dave finally realized a long harboured design for Medusa, the "lighting designer's friend". Intended to aid site surveys and daylight focusing. Use it by hand or use the adaptor rings to fit it into most MSL fittings.

Finally GNI came knocking again, this time with a brief from Blue Sky Hospitality. They challenged us to build 3 Laser rings for the cigar room of The Intercontinental, Davos (see image above). For thrill seekers wishing to dabble with high calibre passive smoking or DIY laser eye surgery we recommend a visit. What's next?

Photography: Michael Koeditz

Posted: 19/12/2013