This is our Xicato Torch. We had been harbouring the idea for this for a while and this was fully realised earlier on in the year after it became apparent that Xicato shared similar ideas. Since then the torch has really taken off. Xicato have commissioned a batch so that their sales teams all around the globe can each have a full set. The few lighting designers that have seen them have started asking us about them too.

We think that they could be very useful tools for you all, after all how many torches do you know of that are dimmable, have interchangeable reflectors, provision for accessories, options of 80 or 95 CRI and 1500lm output? We are not in the torch manufacturing business though and sadly these are a little more expensive than we might indulge as a Christmas present. However, if they might be a useful thing for you to have in your bag when visiting site for trials, we have some kits available on loan, either to experiment with ouput, colour rendering, reflectors etc., or even to provide comparisons between Xicato and other light sources.

Posted: 10/10/2013