Manchester Art Gallery Event

Back in July we collaborated with Xicato, Kevan Shaw Lighting Design and Manchester Art Galleries on a project called 'The Right White Light?'

This question and the resulting experiment challenged participants to independently and without preconception evaluate a series of intentionally concealed LED sources, utilising these to illuminate a collection of different paintings located within the Manchester Art Gallery, scoring each source on each painting on a range of criteria.

For a more in depth explanation, please click here for initial summary of the day along with results from Kevan, more will follow in Mondo soon.

For such an event we felt that a practical tool for the job was our brand new Xicato torch, albeit, for the purposes of the experiment we integrated an array of modified torch heads that included a wider variety of anonymous LED sources. For those who haven't seen our torches yet, more information will follow next week.

Posted: 03/10/2013