Medusa Laser

Dave has been harbouring the design for this product in his head for a few years now, but never got the chance to try it out. After a chat with a Lighting Designer who had a similar idea, he finally started work on it this year and had this prototype to show at Park Event in June.

Its a real laser, (a dangerous one!) and it projects a gun sight/ cross hair on to a wall so that in high ambient light conditions you can focus your light fittings. by sliding a tube back and forth the size of the cross hair can be clipped to various predetermined amounts. This will give you an indication of the beam you might require to light an area or object from the light fitting (or wherever you put the laser). A kit would have two lasers in it so that you can work along a wall to achieve an even distribution / wash.

As the laser is very powerful and would damage your eyes if you looked directly at it; Dave calls it "Medusa"

Posted: 22/08/2013