New Website

We have made some changes to the MSL website (not just the new homescreen image). We hope the new layout helps you find what you want more quickly, provides more of the technical information you need and is straightforward to use. Here is a quick summary of the main changes we have made.

- Click on "Products" to see thumbnails of all our standard fittings. You can filter them by light source, mounting method or useage type to help you find what you want. Click on the thumbnail to bring up the product details and download drawings or images. Need a spec sheet? Click on "Print as spec sheet" to view all the information in printable format.

- The new Technical section provides much more information than ever before on our LED packages; including outputs, driver recommendations, available optics and reflectors etc. There is also information on controls, finishes and lenses and louvers.

- The new and product sections can both now be sorted by type as well as filtered alphabetically. Filter for Museum and Gallery projects or for MSL News and find what you need quickly.

Posted: 24/05/2013