We were starting to think that 12V track lighting had died a death along with the Tungsten Halogen lamps that we used to do so many of. Eutrac thought so too and even removed their ultra low profile 12V track from the market last year.

It took some convincing, but thanks to a few months of sustained pressure on Eutrac and all your support, we managed to persuade them to relaunch the Low voltage Track system. This has allowed us to pursue the interesting concept of low voltage Xicato track lighting.

You can now have a low voltage low profile track and Xicato heads with no big driver cases; furthermore this system has allowed us to achieve local and remote dimming (DALI or 1-10v just now) that work in unison. This means that you can set maximum levels at the luminaire and still dim down from, or up to, that limit remotely.

We will have samples of this fitting soon and some may pop up in a London park this summer if you fancy a closer look. We also have provisional spec sheets if you would like to find out more.

Posted: 28/03/2013