Tight optics for Cree XPE


As you might have read we are phasing out PCBs with old Cree XRE LEDs. Having expounded on the relative merits of the new XPE, you may be interested to know it's drawbacks. Unfortunately the XPE does not work with our old 4 degree optic. In fact it has proven very difficult to find a suitable replacement, but for us to no longer offer a tight angle beam where we had previously doesn't seem much like progress. There is an optic from Ledil we have adopted, but unfortunately its bigger than the old one: 38mm in diameter as opposed to 27mm. However, being designed especially for use with the XPE, this optic performs much better than the old one (which was actually designed for use with the Luxeon K2 LED) paired with an XRE. We will of course keep a keen eye out for more discreet, tight optic, and failing that, may even invest in the tooling for a custom one.
Posted: 23/08/2012