System 16

System 16 is a Reed/ Bulrush derivative. Have you seen our Firefly? System 16 can also be run from integral batteries and these can be charged by an integral or a remote solar panel. If you unscrew the diffuser you can fit an optic holder turning it into a spot light with our usual interchangeable lenses. But unless you want to light airplanes, you probably want to unscrew the stem and turn it into a torch....or a bike light, powered by batteries if you insist, or a much more sensible dynamo. Batteries can be AA, AAA, 2 cells, 3 cells, button cells or a single cell + our AAA sized pcb. Maybe you want to fix it to a wall and power from a remote driver or turn it into a mini wall sconce or a cute pendant? There is not much you can’t do with system 16 though so far it won’t light an office or bend light round corners.

Oh, it’s Ø16mm and rated IP66.

Posted: 17/11/2011